The foundations of a Montessori day lie in a routine that our children can become comfortable with, but within which they have the flexibility to stretch their wings, discover new opportunities to learn, independently engage with their interests and socialise with their peers.

Our day begins at 9am and will always involve outdoor play come rain or shine, always encompass time for the individual as well as coming together as a group, and ends at 4pm. Half-day options are available.

A typical day may look something like this below:

Outdoor Play

Our day always begins with outdoor play. In doing this, we encourage our children to begin their day with physical and outdoor activities. We are fortunate to share play-space with the adjoining primary school and as such have access to a playground where we ride bikes, scooters, play football and have space for children to run about. We also have an enclosed play area with balance beams, climbing frames and a variety of resources for the children to engage with. 


Circle Time/ Group Time

We dedicate time to communicating as a group. At circle time, as well as our welcome songs, we share what we have been doing, stories about holidays and friends, and share any chatterboxes that the children have brought in.


Independent Play

Core to the Montessori philosophy is the ability for a child to direct their own play and inspire their own learning. To support this we give children access to all the activities on offer, and allow them to chart their own learning through engagement with materials.

12pm - 1pm Lunch

Lunch is a social affair. Hot meals can be ordered in advance (provided by the adjoining primary school) or bring in packed lunches. We have a robust healthy eating policy in operation at the nursery that supplements the emphasis we put on physical activity, with information on hand about planning for your child's lunchbox. 



The afternoon session's structure mirrors that of the morning session.