Recommended reading and viewing

As a parent with a child in a Montessori setting, it's always helpful to find out more about how your child is learning, and how you can support their learning at home through our methods.

Here you will find recommended reading and videos on the Montessori method, parenting advice and supporting your child's Montessori journey at home.


All books are readily available on Amazon. We also have a limited supply of these books and others at nursery that we are happy to loan out on a temporary basis. There will be a charge for this o enable us to add to our supplies. Books will be loaned for a week at a time during term time. Just ask us when you drop off, in key-worker meetings, or send us a message.


Learning Together: What Montessori can teach your family

Kathi Hughes, 2012

This book was published by the Montessori St.Nicholas charity and is good for introducing the Montessori way of life to your family.

Teach Me To Do It Myself

How To Raise An Amazing Child The Montessorori Way

Maja Pitamic, 2004

Describes specific Montessori activities you can do at home with your child both indoors and outdoors.

Tim Seldin, 2017

This book is full of activities for children up to the age of 6. It also talks about Montessori methods and child development.


This video shows an early years environment and describes the different Montessori areas of learning and the way a child responds in a Montessori classroom.

Watch this 5 minute video depicting a 3 hour work cycle in a Montessori setting.

This video is made by Simone Davies of The Montessori Notebook. In this video she talks about 5 different types of activities your toddler can do at home.

other media
Montessori magazine

The Montessori World Magazine subscription is published by Montessori Centre International.

You can subscribe online, or if you'd like to have a look at past issues, they are available on loan from the nursery.

Montessori Centre International

Montessori Centre International is the organisation with which we are assessed and accreditted by. Take a look at their website where they have more information about the Montessori methos, as well as varied books and other media available to purchase.

Montessori Blogs

Montessori blogs are an amazing resource. Most come with an abundance of blog-type posts about how they set up Motessori inspired spaces in their homes, the activities they use, and insights to Montessori nurseries and schools around the world.

There are so many out there to browse from google. Some suggestions are:

Montessori family  here

Living montessori now  here

How We Montessori  here 

( this website also offers lists of good blogs here